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Full-Service Offerings

Please bring your own container to shop bulk. For those who do not have a container, reclaimed and rescued jars are available for purchase from our shop.

castile soap, liquid
lavender, peppermint, unscented$0.48
conditioner, liquidangelica + lavender, goldenseal + citrus, unscented$0.75
dish soap, liquidlemon, unscented$0.40
deodorant, creamactivated charcoal$5.00
dishwasher detergent, liquid concentrateunscented$0.40
dishwasher detergent, powderunscented$0.45
face creamunscented$6.50
hand sanitizer, liquidunscented$0.35
hand soap, liquidlavender, unscented$0.40
hydrogen peroxide3%$0.20
isopropyl alcohol99% concentrate$0.40
jojoba oilgolden organic$2.50
laundry detergent, liquidcitrus, lavender, unscented$0.30
laundry detergent, powderlavender$0.50
lotion, face + bodyunscented$0.75
oxy boost, powderunscented$0.35
shampoo, liquidangelica + lavender, goldenseal + citrus, unscented$0.75
sodium bicarbonate$0.10
sunscreen, spf 30 sport, creamunscented$2.50
vinegar20% concentrate organic$0.30

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