Fat Marshmallow Body Fluff


Fat Marshmallow is the ultimate healthy skin moisturizer! Biocompatable grass fed tallow, lightly scented with real vanilla beans and whipped into the creamiest fluff. It’s a treat your skin won’t forget and your mouth may be a little jealous of. Slather it on, but try not to lick it off!

Made in Pennsylvania.

Apply this whipped body moisturizer on skin to help moisturize. Do not eat, no matter how yummy it smells! Please keep in mind, due to the delicate nature of the texture of this product that extreme temperatures can affect consistency. Cold will cause it to stiffen up a bit, while heat will cause it to melt.
Each refill eliminates one single-use plastic bottle. Hooray!
Ingredients / Materials
Tallow, beeswax, vanilla bean, marshmallow root, arrowroot.
End of Life
100% biodegradable!
Vellum Street Soap Company was founded in 2016 by Melissa Lynn Torre, a chef interested in both nutrition and food sustainability. After battling an auto-immune disease for decades and finding no relief via traditional channels, Melissa stepped away from the world of pastry and private cheffing, and into the world of upcycled skincare—creating products that are comprised strictly of ingredients that directly benefit skin health (with the added bonus of being able to use many food “scraps” typically thrown away in many commercial kitchens).