Reuse + Recycle

While recycling is always preferable to landfill, the biggest impact is made by reusing what we have and prioritizing materials that do not require additional resources after use. Find local ways to reduce waste in our online guide.

Personal Care | Dial brand

ANordstrom Rack · King of Prussia

Recycling Categories
non-usable appliances 2refrigerators 1small 6usable appliances 4
Art + Craft Supplies
beads 1buttons 1fabric (non-usable + scraps) 3fabric (usable) 5glue sticks 4markers (non-usable) 1markers (usable) 4non-usable supplies 1sewing supplies 4usable supplies 4yarn 4zippers 4
VCRs 2cameras (not working) 4cameras (working) 6speakers 1televisions (not working) 1televisions (working) 3
brown paper 6insulated 1reusable shopping bags 3
car 10cell phone 11household + alkaline 5rechargeable 14
Bikes + Motorcycles
bike parts 1motorcycle parts 1used bikes 2
art-related 9current texts + reference books 4fiction + non-fiction 8new + gently used children’s books 9old encyclopedias, medical, informational + damaged 2paperback dictionaries, current texts + reference books 4
Building Materials
architectural salvage 2carpet samples 3construction debris 1doors (call in advance for details) 3fence parts 2hardware 2lumber (non-usable) 1lumber (usable) 2pallets (usable + non-usable) 1pipes 1tile (large, unbroken) 3tile (small, unbroken) 3usable materials 3wallpaper 3windows 3
accessories 5denim 2non-usable clothing + scraps 2shoes (non-wearable) 4shoes (wearable) 10usable clothing 12
Electronics + Cell Phones
Pop Sockets brand 1accessories 1broken electronics 9cell phone cases 2cell phone chargers 10cell phones 13computer monitors 7computer parts (keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.) 3computers 6laptops 11tablets 11printers 2working electronics 11
Food Packaging
Barilla brand 1Gerber brand 1Naked Lunch brand 2Quinn brand 1aluminum can tabs 1bread bag tags 1egg cartons 2foil-lined wrappers + chip bags 3glass milk bottles 5metal yogurt tops 1reusable ice packs 2squeeze pouches 2twist ties 2
oyster shells 2scraps 6unopened packaged food for donation 2
bottles (unbroken) 8jars (unbroken) 8
air conditioners 3radiators 1
Household (indoors)
Brita brand 1Downy brand 1Dreft brand 1Gain brand 1Swiffer brand 1Tide brand 1air fresheners + packaging 1bakeware 1candles (new) 1candles (used) 1cookware 4corks (natural) 6cutlery 2dishes + glassware 1disposable cups 2disposable plates 2food storage containers 5frames 4furniture 10housewares + décor 9laundry jugs 1mattresses 1mirrors (unbroken) 1novelty cake pans 2straws 2vases 2
Household (outdoors)
flowers 2grills 2lawnmowers 2snowblowers 2yard waste (not in plastic or contaminated) 2
Light Bulbs
CFL 7LED 6fluorescent tubes 7halogen 1incandescent 1
fixtures + string lights (working) 3string + holiday (not working) 1
good condition curtains, sheets, blankets 7non-usable linens 1towels 1
CDs + DVDs (non-usable) 1CDs + DVDs (usable/sellable) 2VHS Tapes 1newspaper 6
prescription drugs 1
ferrous (mild iron, steel, cast iron, wrought iron) 3household (aluminum, steel, tin cans, trays, lids, caps, aluminum foil) 6non-ferrous (aluminum 1non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, tin, lead, stainless steel) 3
clothes pins 3fire extinguishers 1greeting cards 3promotional items 3rock collections 3scenery 2shell collections 3silica packets 2
Musical Equipment
instruments 1
Office Supplies
calendars (with pictures) 3ink cartridges (empty) 3ink cartridges (unopened, usable) 4mechanical pencils 4non-usable supplies 1paper (non-usable) 5paper (usable) 5pens 4rubber bands 3usable supplies 5
art + craft 4brushes (reusable) 2latex house (usable) 1spray (empty) 1spray (usable) 1thinner + stripper 2
Personal Care
Acure brand 1Dial brand 1Garnier brand 3contact lenses 1eyeglasses (intact) 3feminine products (unused) 2hairspray + mousse cans 1medication (unused + expired) 2oral care 2plastic razors 2product packaging 4safety razor blades 2toiletries 1
Open Farm Pet Food brand 1Royal Canin brand 1Sloppy Plate brand 1Wellness Pet Food brand 1food packaging 4
bottles or containers 7credit + gift cards (without chip) 1plastic film 1plastic film, cling wrap, ziplock bags 11shopping bags 20spray nozzles + pumps 2
accessories (knobs, shower heads, fixtures) 3sinks 3tubs 3usable plumbing 2
Christmas trees (artificial) 1Easter eggs (plastic) 1
Shipping Supplies
Tissue Paper 2bubble wrap 13cardboard 10envelopes (padded) 13packing paper 4packing peanuts 3plastic air pillows 10
foam core, sintra, plexi, vinyl 1
Sports + Athletics
equipment 3fitness gear 2golf balls + tees 4tennis balls and containers 4
coolers 1molded packaging 1
non-usable tools 1usable tools 4
Toys + Games
Hasbro brand 3LOL brand 3Lego brand 4Mattel brand 3Spin Master brand 4VTech + Leap Frog 4good condition 7puzzles 4
car parts 1truck parts 1used cars + trucks 1