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Bottle Underground

1901 S 9th Street · Philadelphia PA 19148
(267) 909-9824 · visit website

From the founders of Remark Glass, Bottle Underground is committed to innovating and localizing systems for collection, recirculation, recycling, downcycling, and upcycling of glass.

Drop Off

Schedule a time to drop off empty, rinsed, unbroken bottles and jars to the Remark Glass studio.

Schedule Drop Off

Pick Up

For a small fee, Bottle Underground‘s repeat pick-up service offers a convenient way for Philadelphia residents to recycle glass bottles without leaving home.

Once registered, customers receive a bin to collect glass. Make sure all glass has been rinsed and no residue is left behind in the bottles and jars (though you can leave labels on). On collection day, Bottle Underground will pick up your glass and return your bin to start the process all over again.


Recycle + Reuse

Last updated December 2020