Celebrates the beauty of Indian textiles transformed into modern treasures.

Samsara means the cycle of rebirth in Sanskrit. This concept drives Samsara Sari, which transforms pre-loved saris into original and colorful collections of apparel, accessories and home products. Each piece is few-of-a-kind, mostly made from vintage saris.

The brand promotes cultural awareness, inspires people to be proud of who they are, and gives back to the community locally as well as globally. For each sari donated, Samsara Sari donates money towards charities that align with our mission.

About the Vendor

In 2010 Samsara Sari founder, Namita Reddy, traveled with family to the town of Kanchi in South India, a town specialized in traditional marriage saris that are hand woven by artisans. While speaking with one of the shop owners, she was told that the younger generation does not wear saris as much as the older one, so weavers are going out of business. Hand-woven saris with threads of real gold and silver in them are being replaced by machine-made saris.

It was then that Namita began to further appreciate the richness of the sari as an art form and its cultural significance. She began to wonder how she could make a difference by combining design, culture, people, and a purpose.

A few years ago, while going through her mom’s closet to find a sari to wear to a cousin’s wedding, Namita found a closet full of beautiful saris that she had never seen before, including her mom’s wedding sari. She decided that she would preserve a few special saris of her mother’s and wear them with pride; but she wanted to find a use for all the other gorgeous saris that she did not wear anymore.