Experience the excitement of creating a wide range of beautiful shades from natural materials found right in your kitchen!

Join Carin Sauerwein of Dye on the Side for an evening of natural kitchen dyeing with vegetables, avocado pits, beans, and spices. In this two-hour workshop, attendees will learn how to dye fabric, identify and prepare items to achieve the best hues, and alter the finished color using fruit peels.

All supplies and materials will be provided and you will walk away with samples that you have made yourself, as well as the skills to dye your own well-loved items at home. 

*Attendees should expect to get stains on clothing, and should dress with that in mind.

Ticket price includes:


Reserve your space using the “Register Online” button above. Because of the hands-on nature of this event, space is limited. Ages 8+ are welcome to attend.

NOTE: A minimum of 6 students is needed to run this class.

About the Instructor

Philadelphia-based Carin Sauerwein, owner of Dye on the Side, has been an obsessive master dyer for over 25 years. She specializes in teaching dye workshops that empower creativity, connection, and sustainability with a client list that includes Airbnb, Apple Inc, Facebook HQ, Athleta, and more.

After becoming a mom during the pandemic, Carin suffered from anxiety caused by extreme stress that was out of her control. She found dyeing from nature was very helpful in clearing her head and calming it. To connect back to the present and create something meaningful has been life changing, inspiring her to share her skills with the community.