By participating in Trick or Trash™, you don’t have to trash those candy wrappers and doom them
to an eternity in a landfill – or worse, our ocean.


Not Accepted

What happens to the waste?

Rubicon’s mission (like ours) is to end waste. They started Trick or Trash™ in 2019 with this goal in mind, sharing their passion for sustainability with each and every collection box delivery. The Trick or Trash™ box—and all its candy wrapper contents—goes on quite a journey!

The boxes are shipped using the UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment program to ensure we keep the Trick or Trash™ carbon footprint very low. Each box is filled up with candy wrappers (and only candy wrappers, please!), taped shut, and mailed back to our recycling processor using a pre-affixed label. Participants receive a Certificate of Recycling, confirming how much would-be waste has been diverted from landfill.