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SHIFT is pleased to offer an entry-level waste audit of your business or household to determine simple changes that can help minimize your waste.


Throughout the audit, you will:


This service is offered to households and local businesses. We will customize our service based on the amount of waste produced, your desired sustainability goals, the necessary time required to complete the audit, and the level of assistance needed.


Household waste audits revolve around what is being thrown away, donated, recycled, and reused. One week prior to our audit, you will need to begin saving your trash and recycling. To keep costs down, we suggest that you set up separate containers (buckets, boxes, trash cans), and toss your waste in the corresponding containers throughout the week:

We currently serve local businesses in the Main Line area. Business audits are centered around everyday operations, focusing on workplace access to sustainable options, as well as the products that are used during a typical business day. We will require:


Household (1-2 adults)
Household (families with 3+ people)
Business (small, 1-2 employees)
Business (medium, 3-9 employees)
Business (large, 10-20 employees)

These prices are based on an assessment of waste but do not include the process of tallying individual items or sifting through waste. Though we will move a few things around in a trash bag to understand your waste production, we will not be touching your trash unless we feel it is necessary—and sanitary.

Additional Information

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