In conjunction with our BYO Sip + Sew, we are hosting a limited-time collection of unusable clothing, used household linens, and fabric scraps.

All items must be clean and dry.


Not Accepted

What happens to the waste?

Natural materials such as cotton, linen, or silk that are larger than 12“ x 12“ will be given to local artists Ruth Ribeiro and Corinna Cowles to sew into painted wearables and home goods: patchwork dresses, skirts, napkins and more.

The rest will be picked up by Retrievr, who downcycles the fabric into cleaning rags and fiber for automotives and other uses. Now, in partnership with brands, more and more of what they collect is starting to be funneled towards emerging fiber-to-fiber and recycling technologies, meaning that they are working with downstream partners who can create cotton thread out of >%90 cotton garments, wool yarn out of  >%90 wool garments, and extract down out of garments for reuse.