Help a local startup collect inventory for its innovative circular business model.

Unless Kids will be up and running this year. In anticipation of their launch, the company is collecting the toys your family no longer needs post-holidays as you get ready for spring cleaning. Not only will this help them build out inventory, but it will also get you one free month of membership on the platform for every toy they receive from you (up to a year of membership).

Accepted Items

Not Accepted

About Unless Kids

In 2022, 100 million toys at a value of $4.5 billion ended up in landfills and incinerators. For most people, this is just a sad fact that they don’t know how to avoid. And even for people who are ardent environmentalists, they have to go to incredible lengths to avoid their children’s toys from ending up as waste. 

Unless Kids provides a solution to this problem for every type of parent; because let’s face it, no one wants to have their toys end up in the landfill or incinerator. Their business model allows parents to track the toys that are coming in and out of the house on one easy platform. By parents having this option to give back toys in the same transaction as buying new ones, it allows Unless Kids to get multiple uses out of a toy, therefore extending that toy’s life span. 

And then when that toy has reached the end of its life, Unless Kids is still the final destination for the toy; and they work with their partners to make sure that it’s recycled. Unless Kids proactively takes on the responsibility of ensuring that these toys stay out of a landfill. As a team of people who have environmentalism rooted deep in their business and personal ethics, they are proud to offer this solution to parents who want to do the same but just need a little help to make it happen.