Hand Sanitizer | Liquid


This locally made, plastic-free, package-free hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for keeping your hands (and the planet) spotless!

Rub into hands to kill germs.
Each refill eliminates one single-use plastic bottle. Hooray!
Ingredients / Materials
Produced to the specifications of the World Health Organization, this alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer contains 70-80% denatured ethanol, 2% glycerin.
*The exact percentage (concentration) of composition has been withheld as a trade secret.
End of Life
100% biodegradable!
Narberth resident Aaron Muderick has built his family business around individuals with special needs, employing many exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. Though Crazy Aaron’s is best known for it’s Thinking Putty creation, Aaron’s love of chemistry has inspired him to produce hand sanitizer, along with a number of other products.
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