Funnel | Stainless Steel (canning)


This plastic-free, wide neck funnel makes transferring liquids and dry items a breeze! Not just for canning, these funnels are perfect for easily and quickly refilling canisters at home with bulk foods and dry goods (like our bulk dishwasher and laundry powders)!

Use it to transfer bulk dry goods into jars with a wide opening.
Plastic takes over 400 years to degrade, and only about 9% of all plastic that has been made has been recycled. This funnel won’t contribute to plastic pollution and lasts a lifetime.
Ingredients / Materials
Food-grade stainless steel.
End of Life
This stainless steel funnel should last a lifetime; however, it can be recycled at a scrap metal facility—or better yet, reuse, repurpose, gift, or return to SHIFT for recirculation.
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