Dish Brush Replacement Head


Replacement head for long handle dish brush.

To replace the head of the brush, use your fingers* to strongly squeeze the wires together, loosen the metal grip, and pop off the brush head. Slide the new brush head on and replace the metal grip that holds it tight.

*The first time you are ready to replace the head of your dish brush, you may need to use a pair of pliers to loosen the wires that hold the brush head in place.

In the US alone, roughly 400 million dish sponges are thrown away every year. These take centuries to break down (into microplastic particles) and are often treated with antimicrobial chemicals that leach into our water, soil, and bodies. This eco-friendly dish brush eliminates the need for plastic dish brushes, scrubbers, and sponges.
Ingredients / Materials
Moso bamboo brush head, agave fiber plant bristles.
End of Life
100% compostable!
No Tox Life is a family-run business born from the desire to provide effective, vegan body and home care to help people live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. CASA AGAVEā„¢ is a trademark of Earth and Daughter, LLC.
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