Chainmail Scrubber


Say good-bye to disposable steel wool scouring pads! This 4″ x 4″ heavy duty stainless steel scrubber lasts a lifetime and easily scrubs away grease and grime on non-coated grills, glass bakeware, cast iron cookware, skillets, and so on. Lightweight and convenient for cooking at home, camping, or travel.

This cleaning tool helps to effortlessly clean all your cast iron products without stripping away accumulated flavor and seasoning or scratching your pans. Start gently when using this product, because a little scrubbing goes a long way!
These scrubbers are made to last a lifetime, and don’t shed microplastic particles into our waterways like traditional grocery-aisle scrubbers.
Ingredients / Materials
High-grade stainless steel.
End of Life
This scrubber should last forever; however, it can be taken to a scrap metal facility for recycling—or better yet, reuse, repurpose, gift or return to SHIFT for recirculation.
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