Bulk Bag | Muslin


These 12″x15″ reusable, lightweight bags are made with Global Organic Textile Standards (GTOS) certified organic cotton muslin fabric for both ecology and social responsibility.

Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer than plastic bags with a breathable fabric that allows ethylene gas to escape. Larger than the standard plastic produce bags found in most grocery stores, the sewn-in exterior tare weight tag makes checkout easy. Great for bringing produce and bread home from the market, home organizing, travel… you name it!

Tips to Keep Produce Fresh

On average, a plastic produce bag found at most grocers takes 70-100 years to start breaking down and leaves behind microplastics that stick around forever. 500 single-use plastic produce bags are replaced by using one reusable bag for one year.
Ingredients / Materials
100% GOTS certified cotton muslin fabric
End of Life
100% compostable!
Simple Ecology is a family owned and run corporation, established in 2008, and running strong ever since!
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