Intro to Low-Waste Living

Thursday, August 22, 2024
7:00 - 8:00 pm · $5

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SHIFT · 252 Haverford Avenue · Narberth PA 19085

Learn how to reduce your landfill burden, simplify your life, and lighten your eco-footprint in this hour-long seminar.

This class includes a 45-minute interactive presentation, followed by a 15-minute Q+A. We share personal experiences, educational stats, and images that:

Admission is $5, which can be used toward in-store purchases the night of the event.

About the Instructors

Kimberley Bezak and Eleisha Eagle are co-owners of SHIFT.

Kimberley Bezak
Since 2007, Kimberley has worked with occupational therapy clients and their families to teach them how mindfulness and simple changes to habits and routines can enhance daily living. In 2013, as she set out to introduce some mindful simplicity to her own growing household, her research led her to the “Zero Waste” movement. Now, eight years into her journey towards low-impact living, her family of 4 only sends 1 bag of household waste to the landfill each year. 

A seven-year resident of Narberth, Kimberley is known around town for her volunteer work with the Narberth Civic Association and the Narberth Business Association. She is the founder of Narberth Cycling Club and actively advocates for bicycling as green transportation. She is passionate about building community for others interested in sustainability, and loves partnering with local community organizations to speak about low-impact living.

Eleisha Eagle
After moving to Villanova in 2016, Eleisha began renovating a 200-year-old stone barn. This introduction to sustainable building techniques of the past, juxtaposed with the accumulating waste of modern construction during the remodel, opened her eyes to the growing burden she was personally placing on landfills. This realization kick-started a complete change in the way Eleisha and her family bought clothing, food, furniture, gifts, etc. She began researching everything she could about low-impact living, which led her to a “Zero Waste” talk presented by Kimberley at the Narberth Library, where the duo met.

Eleisha has traveled a few seemingly disjointed career paths, but they are all tied together by her desire to give back. As a touring pianist/singer/songwriter, she raised over $100k through her annual benefit concerts before co-founding The Performing Arts Project, a summer intensive in North Carolina for young artists developing their craft. For the last ten years, Eleisha has managed her family’s seasonal community attraction, which partners with the anti-bullying campaign Don’t Be a Monster to present programs to elementary schools in her hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Now, in addition to co-owning and -operating SHIFT, she manages many cultural nonprofit websites in the region.

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