Weekly Challenge

Week 17: No Mow May

Do Nothing for Nature

Over the last four months, our weekly challenges have asked you to spend more time and effort making shifts that have a positive impact on the planet—but this week, we’re challenging you to commit to doing nothing—Yep, you read that correctly. Keep reading to find out how and why!

Spring to Life

While trees and natives are best for the environment, grassy lawns are sometimes necessary for play and recreation. These types of lawns require more maintenance than their more wild counterpart, with the arrival of warm spring accompanying the hum of lawn mowers and leaf blowers, as homeowners and work crews transform winter’s scrappy patches of grass into manicured seas of green.

Unfortunately, this annual spring transformation has a dark side. Many folks are often unaware that this practice results in the destruction of much-needed nesting grounds for early-season pollinators emerging from the ground. In response to this, the No Mow May movement was born.

The No Mow May Movement

Let your lawn go wild for the month of May to create a nurturing habitat for hungry pollinators emerging from their winter underground.

No Mow May was first popularized in the UK and quickly took root in the USA a year later. Since then, communities all over the world are now promoting No Mow May’s simple mission. This is particularly important in cities and metropolitan areas where pollinator-friendly biodiversity and resources are often limited. 

Beyond the Bees

No Mow May has big benefits beyond giving bees a nutritional boost:

Mow No Mo

Ready to transition No Mow May to every day? After pausing lawn care for a month, you may decide traditional lawn maintenance just isn’t worth it anymore. If you are ready to ditch grass, consider replacing your lawn with native plants, wildflowers, prairie grasses, or even a rain garden—all of these alternatives help pollinators and (in the long-run) save you heaps of time, money, and water maintaining your yard. Plus, you’ll gain the added joy of knowing that you are helping the planet.