Weekly Challenge

Week 15: We Need to Talk

Awareness is Growing

Over 70% of Americans now agree the climate is changing, and understand that the changes harm plants, animals, and future generations.

Despite this growing awareness, the majority of Americans admit they never talk about these changes in the Earth’s health and are unsure how to start taking action.

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It’s surprising to note that only about 60% of Americans believe climate change will affect people in the United States.
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

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45% of people think climate change will affect them personally.
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Communication is Key

Climate scientist and author Katherine Hayhoe suggests the number one thing we can do to take action is the exact thing we’re not doing:

Talk. About. It. 

Right now you might be thinking, “Well, how the heck am I supposed to talk about this stuff? I’m not a scientist!” We don’t have to be experts to care about the environment and take action. The most important thing we can each commit to doing is knowing our numbers and simply start having conversations with our neighbors, friends, and fellow community members about sustainability. By talking to each other about why these changes matter and working together towards sustainable solutions, we can inspire one another to start actively building a more sustainable future. 

Conversation Starters