Weekly Challenge

Week 13: Good Food Gone Bad

It’s Food Waste Prevention Week, so for this week’s challenge we’re teaming up with our favorite warrior in the fight against food waste, Gwenn Nolan of Mother Compost!

Food For Thought: Farm to Fork to Landfill

When you toss uneaten food in the trash, you’re not just throwing out one apple or tomato.

All of the energy and resources that go into it—the water, the harvesting, the labeling, the packaging, the transport, the storage—all of that’s thrown away at the same time.

of our land

In the US, getting food from farm to fork eats up 50% of our land and swallows 80% of all freshwater consumed.

of wasted food

Only 4.1% of wasted food is composted.

of US food supply

40% of the US food supply gets trashed each year.

of landfilled solid waste

24.1% of all landfilled solid waste is food—35 million tons; the largest single category.

$165 billion
in food

US households throw away up to $2,275 of food annually. That’s about $165 billion in food annually across America.

Be a Waste-not Warrior

Using the Five R’s to curb food waste not only saves food; it saves money, saves the planet, and fights food and water insecurity.

Food waste is a huge problem, but there are many simple shifts we can make. The EPA gives lots of great guidance on how to prevent food waste at home; but for now, let’s challenge ourselves to pick one or two of these low-hanging fruits this week:

At the Grocery
At Home

Now What?

You’ve refused, reduced, repurposed, and tried to gift it; but you still have food waste and scraps. Next stop: rot.

Diverting food from the landfill or incinerator to the compost stream has huge benefits!

Get the Family Involved

Make food rescue fun and informative with these fun activities!

Watch a Film
Play a Game