Weekly Challenge

Week 4: Adjust Your Thermostat

It is time to channel your inner polar bear and turn your attention to your thermostat this week! By bumping your thermostat down a few degrees and staying warm the old-fashined way, you will help cool the planet and your wallet. If each household commits to making tiny shifts to reduce energy use, this will translate into needing less coal, oil, and natural gas, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

Consider the ideas below and ‘get your cozy on’ in honor of International Polar Bear Day on February 27th!

About 51% of a household’s annual energy consumption is utilized for heating and cooling, and 93% of US households are powered by non-renewable energy sources.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Layer Like a Champ

Nothing beats coming home on a cold day, slipping on your favorite sweater or hoodie, and sliding your toes into fluffy slippers. For extra warmth, consider adding an undershirt and cozy socks, or snuggle under your favorite blanket or throw.

Comfort in a Mug

Tap into the power of hot beverages. A cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, or even water with a slice of ginger and lemon is like a hug in a mug! Want to add a bit more variety to your winter beverages? Try out this recipe for golden milk or keep a jar of this homemade masala chai mix on hand.


Think like a polar bear and level up your sleep routine. In addition to a sheet and comforter, add a thick, non-synthetic blanket to your bed. Also try bumping your thermostat down a few more notches during sleeping hours—The Department of Energy suggests turning thermostats down another 10 degrees. Additionally, sleep research indicates 60 to 67 degrees is the ideal temperature target for the best sleep. 

Hello, Hygge

Hygge is a Danish way of living that embraces comfort, warmth, and togetherness by enjoying life’s coziest pleasures. Hygge is the perfect way to feel warm and tranquil. To welcome in a bit of hygge, treat yourself to a steaming bowl of soup or pho, sprinkle some soaking salt to your bath, light some paraffin-free candles, or add a steam scent to your shower routine. Hygge doesn’t have to be limited to indoors either—Invite friends and family over to gather around a fire pit, enjoying some warmth and togetherness! There are so many great ways to embrace the hygge way of life.

Rethink Your Thermostat

Whether you decide to stick with your current manual thermostat or transition to a programmable one, keep this guidance from the Department of Energy in mind: