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Givzie is a collective gift giving platform empowering families, communities and businesses to streamline gift giving and reduce consumption—all while maximizing meaning in their lives.

Instead of each person invited to an event purchasing and bringing a gift along, Givzie encourages attendees to contribute to one special item that the recipient will cherish.

The platform’s ethos is to reduce clutter in the world and the lives of the people in it, paving a more sustainable road into the future of consumerism.

Givzie believes that at the core of any shared experience, should be a communal desire to do better. On every Givzie campaign, there is a donation option you can choose to activate. The program allows you to automatically donate 10% of your raised funds forward to a local initiative. In addition, Givzie donates to selected partnered organization’s fundraising efforts through the Fundraise with Givzie program.


Last updated March 2020