Sustainable Tablescapes Pop-Up

December 16–18, 2022
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SHIFT · 252 Haverford Avenue · Narberth PA 19072
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Our Sustainable Tablescapes event is back with new and returning artists just in time for your holiday gatherings.

Browse functional, handmade tableware by local ceramicists and craftswomen during this three-day event (Friday + Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sunday 11:00 am – 2:00 pm).

About the Artists

Corinna Cowles is a Philadelphia based painter and ceramicist. She builds her tableware by hand with dyed clay inlaid into the surface. She uses this collage-like method to create colorful, patterned layers that emerge, overlap, and recede. This method is similar to how she uses colors and found textiles in her paintings, giving her a chance to dive into the processes of reclamation and reuse—incorporating scraps, off-cuts, and even shards of pieces that broke in the kiln. Her functional ceramics are meant to be used, reused, and enjoyed. They are just as happy displayed on the wall as they are being used to set the table.
Instagram: @corinna.cowles.clay

Mackenzie Pikaart is the maker of MVP STUDIO. She makes hand-built, functional ceramic objects for the home to accompany our daily experiences. Most of her work utilizes the traditional Japanese technique, Nerikomi, to create agate rock surface. She enjoys adding fun colors and pattern to this layering practice. Mackenzie’s work is made in her Philadelphia home studio, where she is able to give tender attention to each object while creating, always practicing more sustainable ways of making. 

Kelly Bissell makes contemporary housewares with a lil’ party pop to make your coffee sipping and plant growing a little more intentional and beautiful. Her pots are wheel thrown in high-fire clay—each pattern and color hand-painted and thoughtfully considered. Kelly often finds inspiration for her forms and patterns in the world around her (a dog’s toy, a stairwell banister, a drawing created by a 3rd grader).
Instagram: @kbclayyy

Liz Colyar is an artist/designer working in clay. Fueled by maximalist impulses her ceramic surfaces become a canvas for glaze exploration. Cups and mugs are layered with glaze and cartoon imagery of rainbows, smiles, seduction, and psychedelic perspectives. Her functional work is peppered with a taste for novelty and the absurd. A funhouse mirror to the world advertised to us.
Instagram: @lizcolyar

Kitchen Garden Textiles, founded by Heidi Barr, is a Pennsylvania brand working to re-establish a regenerative regional textile supply. All her experiences in life came together and formed a single idea: a line of kitchen textiles made with natural and reclaimed materials sold to support urban agriculture.
Instagram: @kitchengardentextiles

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