Cupola Academy NexTrex Recycling Challenge

Through April 10, 2022

SHIFT Pop-Up · 230 Haverford Avenue · Narberth PA 19072

One of our local homeschool programs, Cupola Academy, is participating in this year’s NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge and would love your help!

To assist our young earth heroes in meeting their challenge, SHIFT is acting as a drop-off site during pop-up hours at Narberth American Family Market.


All plastic must be clean, dry, and free of food residue. See if the package will stretch when you pull it. If yes, it can be included. If it tears like paper, please don’t put it in the bin.

Not Accepted

What happens to the waste?

When you donate your plastic film to NexTrex, not only are you helping to keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills, you’re also helping Trex to continue to make eco-friendly outdoor products.

*Cupola Academy serves homeschooling youth (and families) providing full-day, in-person programming two days per week. Their programs frequently discuss and explore issues relating to conservation and environmental justice, so their young people feel very motivated by this challenge. More information about Cupola Academy can be found on their website.

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